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how it all began...

a little bit of history

In 1998 Ruud Lievaart decided to follow his heart and bought the fishing vessel ‘Sima’ to start a sport fishing company, providing offshore fishing and diving trips. Supported by his wife Alexandra the company grew rapidly. In 2003 Ruud met Jaap de Bruin, owner of the Blue Whale. The business relationship grew into a mutual friendship and around 2006 the first commercial trips to the anchorages of Rotterdam took place.  New vessels were bought resulting in the first small windfarm project at the end of 2008. This meant the real take off for Sima Charters. With the new experiences in the windfarm projects, dredging support and the Rotterdam anchorages trips, the ambition grew to develop dedicated CTV’s to maximize efficiency and capability. In July 2010 this ambition resulted in the first series of purpose-built vessels; the SC Puma, followed by the SC Lynx and the SC Cheetah.

Sima Charters grew into a global operating company, with highly trained and qualified personnel and highly respected costumers all over the world. The fleet is constantly evolving to meet and surpass the high standards set by the changing industries. This to provide the most comfortable and safest vessels possible.

Today Ruud and Jaap keep innovating and managing the newbuilding of the vessels for Sima Charters and are currently developing and realising the 23 mtr. SC Sapphire; purpase-built for the windfarms and another new 19 mtr. CTV specially designed for the Rotterdam anchorages trips.

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