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Sima Charters is a company specialized in Tender Services at (North) Sea and chartering crewboats on various projects all over the world. Sima has a fleet of thirteen vessels. All the vessels are available for Charter or Sale and are capable of transporting twelve passengers and stores or luggage to other vessels, windurbines etc.

We can also build to your specific needs and wishes. Please watch our latest  vessel, the SC Amethyst in this video.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sima represents the following:

"Quick & Safe transport at sea, adapted to your specific needs"

Sima Charters is available 24/7. Sima will always send a crewboat promptly, and will find the best solution to any problem that may arise.

The safety of our crew and passengers is the number one priority of Sima. Sima is the only Dutch tender company that is voluntary ISO & ISM-Certified (shore & vessels).

Specific requirements
Sima is a flexible company and can adapt to your specific needs. The vessels are designed to be multi-purpose and versatile for use in different projects.

Sima is very keen on thinking with clients about the best crew transportation solutions for their project.